Green Smoothie Recipe For Healthy Hair & Skin

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

After completing the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I felt like I was on top of the world! Still do! It has a been a few days, and I still have green smoothies everyday as part of my "new" health and fitness journey (for the 50-11th time---let's hope this one sticks). Aside from dropping a few pounds and inches from my frame, I noticed that my hair and skin had become more radiant than usual...

Naturally Fab: @jetaunlouie

Naturally Fab beauty of the day is Jetaun Louie.

"When I was younger I never knew my hair curled like this so I would always brush it out or get a perm which thinned my hair. After going to college at an HBCU (Hampton University) I learned to love my natural curl pattern.

What All Curl Types Need To Thrive

by Ebony Clark-Bomani

All curls require lots of hydration and nutrients to reach their full potential. Dehydration, excess heat and mechanical damage (over styling, too much brushing/combing, keeping hair in a ponytail too often, etc.) can lead to short-term and sometimes permanent curl loss. Meaning, the natural form and shape of that particular curl type can be become elongated and appear looser or straighter than it should... 

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